Westport Challenge 2018

It’s on again.

After the huge success of the  “Reefton Challenge” we are moving to Westport for 2 days of hard 4wding

14th and 15th April

This is an orienteering type event, we give you a truck load of locations, with 2 compulsory per day, from grade 2 to 5.

You as a team chose the locations and when you do them as you see fit.

Points are awarded by taking photos of your team at the location as per the instructions. Point are per truck so if one breaks you can keep going with two


For those of you that know about the “Camel Trophy” or the “Malaysian Rain Forrest Challenge”, then think of that as a team’s event. This challenge will test your ability to work together to get through a series of challenges, designed to test the ingenuity, driving skills and team work of all involved.

You as a team will have to decide which tracks from grade 2 to 5+ you do and when you do them.

The higher the grade, the harder the track, the more points you get per truck.

There will be no marshals, you will need to be self sufficient as a team.

The weekend will have challenges including ruts, glades, dirt roads, swamp, forestry, river crossings, sand gullies, all which require group participation. You will be driving over public roads, riverbeds, private farmland and through forestry blocks.


Based from Westport Working Men’s Club, each day you will travel to as many different locations as you chose, and take photos of your trucks in certain locations to prove you have made it, which is how points will be awarded.

This challenge will be held over two days.


Points are given to each vehicle in the team that make each location, making getting all vehicles to each location the biggest challenge.


No Dogs allowed.


This is a club based team’s event, open to all grades of teams.



  • Teams consist of 3 vehicles and 6 members.
  • Minimum of 1 GPS (smart phone)
  • Minimum of 1 camera (smart phone)
  • Crews must finish in the same team composition as they started. Replacement of and leaving behind crew members is not allowed.
  • Drivers must be over 18 years of age and must have a full driver’s license class 1.
  • All teams must be insured against accident for road or touring sections.
  • Drivers must be a member of a 4wd Club.
  • All standard club safety gear and rules to be followed.



  • Minimum 1 vehicle must be road legal
  • Non legal vehicles must be on a road legal trailer and towed by a road legal vehicle between stages
  • Minimum of 2 vehicles must have a winch
  • All vehicles require a current WOF and registration.